One of our customers is a famous European company which consists of more than 6000 supermarkets in the world. It is one of the top three retailing sales in more than 12 countries.

Some of its supermarket is one-floor construction, while others are multi-floor construction connected by long escalators. This supermarket targets the premium market and therefore requires all shopping cart casters be durable, quiet, straight in moving, and stable (not wobbling). In addition, they expect their casters good in appearance, easy to move by customer, and strong in impact resistance to avoid destroy by rude actions. In some areas where temperature is very low, they also require their casters be able to resist minus 40 degrees Celsius. Other requirements such as anti-static and anti-corrosion also need to be met.

Our solution.

1.     For supermarkets of only one floor, Colson recommended its casters made of rubber wheels and rigs that are made by integrated tooling. We used the precision ball bearing, 192 hours’ spray testing to ensure its anti-corrosion performance is 8 times better than normal casters, special processing technique to ensure the accuracy of rig dimension. All these make our caser strong in impact resistance, flexible in rotation, long in durability and not dragging as required. Besides, our natural rubber wheel is designed with anti-static performance, durable and quiet.

2.     For supermarkets of multi-floors, Colson recommended its fifth version of escalator casters. As the rigs are same as those used in the casters for flat floor, Colson escalator casters can be used not only on the escalators but also on the flat floor. What’s more, with special design, our casters are compatible with different brands of escalators which makes it easier for this supermarket company to manage the stock and supply chain.

We have sold millions of shopping cart casters to this supermarket company, and are well recognized and appreciated by end users in the respect of comfortability, convenience, ergonomics, durability and safety, which in return contributes an important part to people’s good shopping experience.